YKO teaches our youth to honor each other’s contribution to society. By strengthening from within, we intend to guide youth into responsible adults who honor all spiritual beliefs and philosophies regardless of race, sex, or economic class.

YKO produces year-round programs that operate during and after regular school hours, as well as throughout the summer.  YKO is dedicated to giving each student a head start on intercultural communication opening a wealth of understanding of the world and its people.

Cultural Diversity
Local programs include visiting and learning about historic sites. An annual study abroad seminar allows local youth to build life skills in a foreign country while living in a different culture.

Peer Mediation
Workshops and coaching provide youth with the skills of teamwork and relating to their peers.  This facilitates their development into role models and community leaders who can now contribute to a positive change in society.

Seminars provide information on the correlation of diet and vitality.  Taught by experienced and qualified nutritional professionals, emphasis will be on obtaining emotional and intellectual balance through proper food choices.

Through yoga classes, children gain focus and concentration as well as alleviate stress, anger and learn tolerance. Children learn the relationship between action and consequence, helping them make healthier choices in their lives.

Educational and Financial planning
General career and education seminars are provided which guide youth to make informed choices about their education.  Workshops on credit cards and checking accounts assist youth in developing, maintaining, and being responsible with their credit profile for future success.  

Dress to Succeed
Seminars are held on appropriate attire and dress codes to succeed in the work force.